Waiting Room, June 22-30, 2019

Posted June 17, 2019

Modified Mon 17 June 2019

Waiting Room
A group show curated by Lena Klett and SAND

June 22–June 30, 2019
Hosted by Playground Arts
2463 W Broadway
Mesa, Arizona 85202

Opening reception: June 22, 6–10 pm
Also open by appointment

In the waiting room, we wait for something to happen.

In the gallery, we also wait for something to happen.

The objective of waiting in any particular waiting room is usually clear. It is less certain why we spend our time lingering in an art gallery.

Waiting rooms suspend our particular temporality for the sake of worldly obligations— the dentist’s office, the legal clinic, the DMV. These places are common and inescapable. While we aren't forced to be there (an involuntary waiting room is a prison) there is an element of coercion. We feel trapped between ambiguity and anticipation. Do we find the opposite in the quiet air of the white cube? Or in it’s sibling, the luxury storefront where ostensibly liberated consumers exult in their freedom of choice?

We can argue, supported by the last few decades of art criticism, that construction of a gallery space is a rule-driven, occult process designed to preserve a set of aesthetic, economic, and cultural values derived from various hegemonic ideologies. This process mandates effacing, appropriating or re-articulating the material and social traces of what existed before. Sometimes this is a violent and complete erasure. Sometimes traces of the past coexist and, in a few cases, are animated and re-inscribed into a new discursive record. However, regardless of the intent or scope of the transformation into art-space, the resulting "blanked" space is haunted by its prehistory.

We may not know what the previous visitors to this space were waiting for, but neither do we know exactly what to anticipate while we wait here among objects made by friends.