SAND Mail Round 5

Posted October 18, 2020

What is SAND Mail?

SAND mail sends out a selection of prints and texts by invited friends, artists, designers and other creative practitioners to anyone who wants to receive mail. We ship to both domestic and international addresses. SAND Mail operates in monthly rounds— each round has a unique list of contributors. These contributions are printed by SAND and packaged together in a small envelope. All recipients receive one of these envelopes, which contain editions of all the contributions for that round.

There are three ways to receive SAND mail.

We send mail to both US-based and international addresses and these options are the same for both:

  • Subscribe to the $3/month “SAND Mail” Patreon tier. This guarantees you’ll receive all future rounds of SAND Mail. The $3 covers the cost of printing/postage of your mail (within the USA or internationally), with a little bit leftover to provide a lottery system. Send us your address through Patreon (the process should prompt you for your address) or email us with your mailing address. Unfortunately, we cannot send rounds from the back catalogue.
  • Email or DM us your address to receive mail by a lottery draw. Each round, we draw 10 addresses randomly from the lottery list to determine who will receive SAND Mail. This is free of charge— if your name/address is selected you will receive a SAND Mail envelope at no cost to you. Your name will remain on the lottery list for subsequent rounds unless you notify us that you would like it removed.
  • All invited contributors will receive any rounds of SAND Mail in which their work appears free of charge, and will receive extra envelopes for their friends/family/archives.

Round 4 is complete and was sent to recipients on September 10, 2020. If you would like to receive SAND Mail, click here to find the latest round.

Contributors to Round 5:

Round 5 was mailed out to 52 friends here:

SAND Mail Round 5 Map